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What People are saying about In Splendid Company

“Last week I shared my photos of Positano with my friends.

Everyone "Ooh'ed" and "Ah'ed".  Although they'd heard that Positano is one of the most spectacularly scenic destinations in the world, they all agreed that the stories connected to the photos are even more colorful and captivating.  I told them sooooo many stories!  I told them about how you had exquisitely designed the trip to be a perfect mix of decadent luxurious relaxation, Excellent food and wine, and Fabulous parties with your Positanese friends who are some of the most internationally diverse and fascinating people I've ever met!

Jane M, Bloomington MN

I told my friends about the evening you escorted us down an extremely vertical maze of quiet, skinny stair steps which seemed to magically open onto a small pebbly beach cove on the Mediterranean sea where strings of overhead lights revealed a rousing "Festa de Pesce" -- a Fish Festival!  The event was exploding with music, laughter, dancing, wine and quite a lot of fish tossing!   I told my friends how, late that same night, the singing and sardine-tossing fishermen insisted we join them in their well-worn boats, which were already overcrowded with the local people of all ages and sizes, to happily be transported in the rolling sea back to the main town square.  As I told this and many, many other stories, I realized that I don't want to go back to Italy again -- but that I NEED to go back to Italy, soon, and with you, Victoria!”

“Live in Positano On Your Next Vacation!

Mary Kay N, Wescosville PA

If you want to see Positano and the Amalfi Coast you can always take a cruise.  But if you want to live in Italy on your next vacation, go to Positano with Victoria Harper. We lived in a villa in this ancient town where Roman structures live side by side every day churches, shops and artisans. We started our day watching the ships on the Mediterranean come in with the day’s catch that we had for dinner that night.

Vicki, our resident fashionista, showed us the best places to find fashion, leather goods, perfume, etc. I love the handmade plate I got from her friend Soso, who showed us around his shop and helped me with my Italian. This was our first trip to Italy and one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever taken.”

“I was reviewing photos from my trip to Positano

Rosanne C, Erie, PA

the other day and wanted to let you know, again, how delightful my memories are. Your relaxed hospitality, mixed with the amazing countryside, sea views, and local flavor made an ordinary vacation into a marvelous adventure - all within the safety net of a trip that felt more like a vacation with close friends. I especially appreciated cocktails on the terrazzo, shopping for treasures, and dining with the comfort of feeling like a frequent guest. Many thanks for your gracious hospitality.”

Wendy P, Miami FL

“I so enjoyed my visit to Positano

organized by the delightful Victoria Harper. She is so well connected in the town among the shopkeepers and trattorias that it appears she is the reincarnation of a Neopolitan diva!

The house was roomy and comfortable and affords amazing sea views. One of the highlights would have to be Vicki's cooking. It was fun spending time with her in the kitchen, I still long for her fried zucchini flowers.”

Jane R, Madison WI

“Victoria’s gracious hosting and attention to detail

ensured that we fit right into these elegant surroundings. Even a little bleary from the plane ride, the trip to Positano was enchanting and I couldn't wait to see it all. After the first of many, many delicious meals and a long nap in the comfortable villa, we were ready to begin our Amalfi adventure.

The hardest part of every day was deciding if I wanted to lounge on the beach, explore the fascinating history of the Amalfi coast, or browse through the Positano shops. I also had a great time going on Victoria's planned outings, to an artist's studio, and the fun filled dinners. Victoria had so many tempting choices of things to do each day, I can't wait to go back and try them all!”

Connie M, Madison WI

“We were truly 'In Splendid Company' while visiting Positano

on two occasions with Victoria .  Our group's every need was accommodated and Vicki's connections in the area provided an experience that was far beyond what one finds on a typical tour. We loved meeting local chefs, artists and residents - it gave our visit an 'insider's' feel. Vicki's warmth and hospitality - including producing some very fine meals and cocktail parties herself in the villa - made for a very satisfying slice of la dolce vita.”

“I spent a luscious week in Positano with Vicki.

Pamela H, Mars Hill NC

Since she knows what's happening and who's who, we got to visit some wonderful little out of the way places.  Loved the local festivals, the wonderful food, outstanding scenery like out of a dream and swimming in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. I loved the little perfume shop with fragrances made especially from the local flora.  I spritz myself when ever I need a special pick me up and remembrance of a lovely time.  I also got a fabulous dress (half price, no less) that was unique to the area; the fabric, color, cut and tailoring so unique and very flattering.  I feel very continental every time I wear it.   Vicki not only speaks fluent Italian she looks like an exotic native Italian.  In fact I saw her doppelgänger on an earlier trip to that same region.  No one could ever guess she is from the States!”

“We visited Victoria’s spectacular villa

after a few nights in Rome and before a jaunt through Sicily. It was the perfect break from the effort of researching, planning, and managing my own agenda, transportation, food options, and more. While on the stunning Amalfi Coast, I was at ease from the first moment as she introduced us to the charms of her second home. From fantastic fresh seafood to leisurely walks through alleyways and seaside trails, the experience could not have been more authentic or enjoyable.

Andrea C, Madison WI

Victoria ordered us a driver from Naples, showed us how to ride the bus to the town center and make special requests in a local grocery, catch the boat to other coastal cities, shop for the finest leather and other gifts, find a secluded beach, and invited us to join her in mingling with the locals. I never expected to be treated to a pizza dough tossing show on the pier as part of a town festival—what fun! We also visited Ravello, one of the highlights of my whole time in Italy. I would go back to Victoria’s Positano villa in a heartbeat. Just watching the sea and fluffy clouds roll in and out of one of the most magnificent spots on earth was enough to keep me mesmerized for hours (nevermind the sunsets!), but the hospitality and immersion I experienced were a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much, Victoria!”