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Spring Break Itinerary


Saturday, Day One; Benvenuto a Italia!

A private transfer for our group members leaves from both the Napoli airport and train station. Sit back and soak in the scenery as  the Amalfi Coast winds thru the mountains and high above the sea.  Once you have had time to settle in to your room at the villa we will  get to know each other over a sparkling glass of prosecco and a welcome dinner at one of Positano’s most popular restaurants.

Meals provided: Dinner

Sunday, Day Two; Explore Positano, the Pearl of the Amalfi Coast!

After a light breakfast it’s off to get acquainted with this enchanting city. Known for its rich history, stunning views and friendly people, we will stroll through the winding streets and alleyways. Our guide will be Zia Lucy, born and raised in Positano, who will take us through the discovery of nature and tradition, telling stories and anecdotes handed down from her grandparents. We will also include a special stop at the innovative and stylish ceramic shop “SoSo”, where we will be treated to a tour of the Giardino Dell’ Arte and private studio for an inside look at how his ceramics are created. Afterwards it’s off to a delightful lunch in the center of town. You will  have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to explore on your own or stick with me for more shopping, socializing or relaxing.

Meals provided: Breakfast, lunch


Monday, Day Three: Shopping in Sorrento!

It’s off to the cliff top town of Sorrento. This romantic city with its breathtaking views of Vesuvius and the Bay of Napoli is also a shopper’s paradise. We will head straight to the old part of the city and lose ourselves in the tightly packed alleys teaming with shops of all kinds. We’ll look at purses, shoes, ceramics, gourmet foods and all manner of goodies, stopping only for lunch and the occasional gelato. We will wind the afternoon up with more shopping, perhaps a stroll down through the main piazza or a stop at an inlaid wood museum. As evening approaches we will return to Positano by private coach to relax and admire our hauls!

Meals provided: Breakfast, Lunch


Tuesday, Day Four; Amalfi, Ravello and Il Terrazzo Dell'Infinito!

Another lovely trip down the coast, this time to the seaside town of Amalfi and the mountain idyll of Ravello. Weather permitting we will boat to Amalfi and take in the magnificent Duomo with its amazing facade of striped columns. Then it’s straight up the mountain road to breathtaking Ravello. We will lunch in a restaurant with one of the most stunning views of the coast imaginable and once fortified with food and wine, we will make the hike up to Villa Cimbrone. It was here that Greta Garbo finally found the stunning solitude she was searching for, along with many other famous and glamorous guests. With its lush gardens and many paths and follies, the most famous of them all is the Terrazza dell’Infinito. Probably one of the most breathtaking views in the world, it will truly transport you into a dream of blue! We will return by private coach early in the evening. 

Meals provided: Breakfast, lunch


Wednesday, Day Five; The Mysteries of Pompeii!

In August of 79 AD, the vital and prosperous port town of Pompeii vanished in a cloud of rocks, poisonous gases and ash. Rediscovered some 1500 years later, it is now an archeological find of major significance. We will depart after breakfast for a private tour of Pompeii, walking her streets, experiencing her restored villas, shops and temples and gazing at Vesuvius looming in the distance. We will return late afternoon by private coach and regroup for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants!

Meals provided: Breakfast, dinner


Thursday, Day Six; Let's Get Cooking!

Today we will experience the Art of Italian Cuisine with a local artist and chef. In the morning, we will visit the seafood shops, grocers and bakeries she prefers and then get to work cooking up the fresh and beautiful items we just bought. You will learn what every Southern Italian chef knows about the local specialties and how to prepare a few of the favorites! You will receive a complimentary apron and written recipe cards to bring your new expertise home! Dinner will be a casa, feasting upon the fruits of our labor!

Meals Provided: Breakfast, dinner


Friday, Day Six; Volare! 

Today is a day to do what YOU want to do! You have the entire day free to walk on the beach, read on the terrace, shop, sightsee, whatever makes you happy! Just be back in time for our farewell dinner!

Meals Provided: Breakfast, dinner


Saturday, Day Seven; Arrivederci!

Sadly we must say goodbye, but we will send you back to Napoli in style and comfort. If you choose to continue your travels in Napoli or Rome we can help you make your connections and give you some tips to get the most out of these beautiful and vibrant cities! But whether you continue your travels or return home, you will never forget your enchanted stay with us!

Meals provided: Breakfast